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As humans, we’re all wired in a similar way. It’s proven that decision making and emotion are very closely linked. Let us help your customers to decide that your brand is the best solution for them. We’ll start with brand strategy and examine your existing brand, to identify any areas that require attention. This way we can tailor a communication plan that harnesses the full potential of digital media technology to expand every facet of your brand, therefore reaching your desired audience, rapidly increase market-share and multiplying your bottom-line.

Why Choose Convey?

Convey Advertising is a South African business, with our head office based in Durban, and clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town – and an international footprint in London and Sydney. Convey offers a tailored and personal service; we think of our clients as partners and invest our time and passion in the creation, awareness and strengthening of your brand. If you could use the assistance of a dedicated and professional digital media agency, then please contact us for an appointment.

We are here to help your business, through creativity, integrity and innovation.



Video remains one of the most powerful digital media channels, as it rapidly captures your customers’ attention, lets them know what you do and why they should take notice.

Your brand can touch lives through the emotive stories you tell, using stunning visuals and breath-taking sound. We create bespoke video by managing and implementing the entire production process. These days people are far more likely to click on an engaging video, than trawl through reams of writing. Be it through cinematography or animation, video is an incredibly effective marketing tool.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the latest technology such as 8K film for world-class, cinematic clarity and the employ of international sound engineers. Our experienced team is eager to bring your ideas to full high definition – from brainstorming concepts to cutting-edge execution that you will be very proud of.

Our video services include

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Tell your brands story in an engaging and succint manner, while landing your businesses services and objectives.

Corporate Video

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An extremely effective news bulletin style production, where you can talk directly to your customers about any business news, current events or important information they need to know about your business or industry.

News Production

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Professional induction and operation/training videos to educate staff members which instils safety in the workplace and reduces risk and injury. Safety videos and animation can be translated into any of South Africa's official languages.


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Let your customers know the reach of your business by producing a professional video of an event or function.

Event Videography

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Creatively capture video or stills in full high-definition. We use internationally recognised, professional drones which capture stills and footage with incredible clarity.

Arial/Drone Videograhy

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Convey offers professional 2D and 3D professional animation which has proven to be an effective business tool when explaining a product or service. Animation is also internationally used for safety campaigns.




Language can be a very powerful tool, especially when communicating to your target market in their first language. We offer translation into all eleven official South Africa languages.

isiZulu | English | Afrikaans | isiNdebele | Sepedi | Sesotho | Siswati | Xitsonga | Setswana | Tshivenda | isiXhosa

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Whether creating an entirely fresh visual language for your brand, from scratch, or simply rejuvenating your existing look and feel – we can help with high-end graphic design! From professional marketing material such as trade presenters to packaging, point of sale, infographics, wayfinding systems and illustration.

Web Development


Gaining a powerful digital presence is vital to the growth of your brand. A professional website that functions flawlessly and is aesthetically appealing is an invaluable business tool – regardless of your industry or target market. From idea generation to full production and final execution; Convey will create your business website from scratch on a platform that best suits the needs of your brand and target market. We understand SEO (search engine optimisation) and how best to amplify your website through Google.

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Some of our clients along our journey

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About Convey's Creative Director

Convey Advertising is headed by Oliver Payn, a creative director who specialises in brand strategy and copywriting (both in English and isiZulu). Oliver has spent many years in the South African advertising industry, after a career at Ogilvy & Mather where he guided a large portfolio or nationally and internationally known brands in a through-the-line capacity. He founded Convey Advertising, which prides itself on emotive storytelling through the medium of film, animation and design. With a focus on corporate and safety campaigns, Oliver ensures that Convey provides a personalised service to every client it services. Through Convey, Oliver has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with some of the best known local and international brands to tell their unique stories in a fresh and powerful manner.

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